Terms for Booking Treatments:

• Each treatment is secured with a deposit of 30% of the price of the treatment. The deposit is a bilateral commitment – WomenLine Group by accepting the deposit undertakes to perform the treatment on the agreed date and time (excluding independent random incidents), while the Client undertakes to attend the treatment at the time reserved for him/her so that the treatment can be performed.

• The deposit is non-returnable, but it can be moved to another date for no less than 7 days from the agreed date of the treatment.

• If the treatment is CANCELLED or if the date of the treatment is MOVED without taking into account the required TIME FRAME, the deposit will be forfeited and the next deposit will be required to arrange for the next appointment.

• The value of the deposit is paid back to the Client only after performing the treatment or a series of treatments by subtracting it from the total cost of the last treatment.

To book a treatment:
1. Contact the Salon and arrange for an appointment.
2. Make a PayPal payment in the amount of 30% of the price of the treatment.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us.

  • Laser Treatments:
    • Hair Removal – LightSheer Desire
    • Closure of Blood Vessels – VariLite
  • Removal of Discoloration, Erythema and Photo Rejuvenation
Name | City | Treatment
  • Face and Body Lifting – HIFU Ulfit
  • Fat Removal – Cryolipolysis CoolTech
  • Skin Rejuvenation and Regeneration – Frational Microneedling Vivace RF
Name | City | Treatment