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2. Shaping Body Using Medical Application.

Hifu & Cooltech

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4. Quantum Cosmetics.

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DNA Quantum Cosmetics.

1. LED Lasers for Medical Applications.

Lightsheer Desire

In the world of beauty, the term “laser hair removal” has come to encompass a variety of techniques that remove unwanted hair by zapping it away with the use of a light source. When cosmetic lasers were first cleared by the FDA for permanent hair reduction in the late 1990s, it sparked a new trend in the beauty industry and brought the term “laser hair removal” into popular culture. However, not every form of light-based technology used for permanent hair reduction is actually a laser. Additionally, even within the laser category, there are different types of laser beams with different wavelengths and properties. Knowing about different types of light-based hair removal technologies, and how they work, will allow you to provide your best professional service to your clients and help them achieve the best results.

The widespread use of the laser hair removal catchphrase has led to some consumers receiving misinformation when it comes to light-based permanent hair reduction. This misinformation can have dire consequences. It can lead to people receiving treatment that is not right for their specific skin and hair types, which can lead to inadequate results or even injuries like scarring, burning and discoloration. Learning the difference between laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal treatments – and the differences within the laser and intense pulsed light categories – will help you treat your clients in the most safe and effective manner.

Written by Louis Silberman

3. Shaping Body Using Cosmetic Application.

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5. Distribution, Training, Cooperation.

WomenLine UK

  • Womenline company operates in the United Kingdom since 2014.
  • We have experience in the beauty market in Poland since 2008.
  • We provide services in England, Scotland and Wales.
  • Our Company specializes in the field of laser therapy, medical cryolipolysis treatments, and HIFU treatments.
  • We cooperate with many clinics and beauty salons in over 40 UK cities.
  • Our goal is to distribute the best devices in the medical and cosmetics industry.
  • Our extensive contacts and a large partner base give us the possibility of distribution in the UK.
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